A Message for Robert Courson

The following article is making its rounds on the Internet.

Jesus Christ is coming soon — suddenly and silently — to “rapture” his church; the anti-Christ will ascend to dominate world power and the wrath of God will be unleashed upon sinful man during the tribulation period, he said. – Robert Courson


Robert Courson is steeped in the typical, escapist tradition of pretribulationism: We will be out of here before the Antichrist arrives.

If he is correct that this is the “terminal generation,” then that means this generation of the church will face the Antichrist. But it will be too late for Courson when he realizes this truth to correct his false teaching to the many he is leading astray, because believers will be trying to survive the great tribulation—or worse, many will apostatize their faith because Courson did not teach them Jesus’ warning: “Remember, I have told you ahead of time.” (Matt 24:25)


Perhaps someone may want to send him my book and challenge him on this.

I appreciate his zeal, but it is misplaced and misleading God’s people.



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