A Reply to Pretrib Rapturist Bill Salus on His ‘Gap Between the Rapture and the Seven-Year Period’ Theory

There are a number of pretrib teachers who place a gap between the rapture and the day of the Lord/7 year period. They recognize (as prewrath teaches) that Scripture clearly states that certain events must happen “before the day of the Lord.” There are in fact four such explicit statements in Scripture. These pretrib teachers recognize the force and implications of this truth: it refutes imminence if the rapture occurs on the same day that the day of the Lord begins. That is, if an event happens before the day of the Lord, then by extension it will happen before the rapture.

In addition, Salus also places the fifth seal martyrs before the seven year period but after the rapture (see his recent interview here titled “Apocalypse Road…Part 2.”

The fifth seal has always been problematic with pretribs: if you call the seals the day of the Lord’s wrath then by definition you are teaching that God is pouring out his day of the Lord’s wrath on Christians during the seven-year period, because the fifth seal martyrs die as a result of God’s seal judgments.

So instead of rejecting pretrib imminence theology, Salus and others force these events into a “mysterious” period of time that takes place after the rapture but before the seven-year period.

Remember, imminence is the holy grail of pretribulationism. Defend it at all costs.

I have responded to this general pretrib teaching previously here and here.

I hope to find time to respond to the particulars of Salus’s theory, but the links above are sufficient for now to address this novel teaching.



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