Carl Gallups Produces FAKE NEWS for WND

WND sadly produces sensational “news” stories from time to time. Not sure why they feel compelled to do so. They do not need to do this. They could be a credible news source but they choose to tantalize their readers with hyperbolic, click-bait titles and surface-level, slipshod, ad-smothering articles.

The most recent example is Carl Gallups who claims the Southern Baptists have gone ‘gender-inclusive’ on the Bible. This is completely false. He relies on a misinformed, biased, secular article from The Atlantic written by Jonathan Merritt and Garet Robinson.

Denny Burk has penned a devastating critique of this claim exposing the bias and ignorance of the writers.

Carl Gallups should not be writing on a topic that he is ignorant about and obviously did not do any research on. Evidently, The Atlantic article came across his feed and he said, “Oh, this looks juicy, I will mix this in an article hodgepodged with ads, rants, and shallow statements.”

He shows no knowledge with the principles of translational theory or its history. This article does not help the reader understand the issue.

How this article was approved by the WND editor is a mystery.


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