Clarifying Two Points of Confusion with James MacDonald’s Prewrath Chart

A year ago, megachurch pastor James MacDonald publicly embraced the prewrath rapture position. It is encouraging to see more prominent pastors embrace this biblical position on the day of the Lord.

I want though to address two points that has confused prewrathers. MacDonald has a timeline chart on his website here. You will notice that there are two conspicuous errors on his chart. First, the rapture is separated from the second coming. The second coming is placed at the conclusion of the day of the Lord. This is not the prewrath position, for it is definitional of the prewrath position that the day of the Lord and the second coming are co-referential. So the chart should have the second coming beginning at the rapture. I talked with someone about this at his church to see if they could correct that to alleviate confusion. Apparently, someone other than MacDonald at the church created the timeline, so whoever did was not familiar with the prewrath framework. It has yet to be corrected since I talked with the folks at Harvest Bible Chapel last spring.

Also, there is another strange error on the chart. Down below the seals, trumpets, and bowls are mentioned but without any sort of framework. And actually there is a third error, though not essential to the prewrath position, and that is the new heaven and new earth are placed after the millennium, not before.

Perhaps if someone at Harvest Bible Chapel comes across this post, they can forward it to pastor MacDonald.

As an aside, last year, there were pretribs freaking out about MacDonald’s “denial of pretribulationism.” My advice to these people is: let’s debate it. Stop lamenting how so many pretribs are coming over to the prewrath camp, especially pastors, and instead begin engaging with us. Twenty years ago you could afford to ignore, misrepresent, and even ridicule the prewrath position. That is no longer the case today, since prewrath has a major platform now and there are too many informed believers who are prewrath.



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