More Evidence That We Will Soon Have to Go Underground With House Churches

Last week, I wrote on the Homosexual Gestapo. I said, “I can now see within two years that a Bible-Believing church will not be allowed to meet publicly for worship. Given this, churches may want to begin posturing for home churches and, of course, preparing for persecution.”

Sure enough, today, I came across this piece that argues in the near future all churches may be forced to marry gays. Certainly, those churches who marry gays will be shown to be apostate—and make no bones about it, you will be surprised to see even certain professing “evangelical” churches that you thought were “solid” will desperately justify their capitulation to marry gays to keep their doors open (see the parable of the Sower, Matt 13:1–23).

It’s coming folks. It’s coming fast. The secular left will continue to criminalize Christianity until they cannot see any vestige of godliness in society that reminds them of their sin.

Churches need to begin now to think of strategic game plans and support systems on how to go underground in the future when these things come to pass. If there is no plan, then local evangelical churches will become frayed in the midst of this ostracism and persecution.

I understand that all of this is disconcerting, watching our country implode on every level, so I  leave you with this hope and promise from our Lord: And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

Last, but not least, pray that God brings a revival to this wicked country—his mercy is our only hope.

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