Jan Markell and Billy Crone Go Apoplectic Against Non-Pretrib Views

Jan Markell – Olive Tree Ministries

Just a quick note on this example of this inane interview that pop-pretribber Jan Markell had with Billy Crone.

I don’t keep up with these programs or interviews myself. I receive emails everyday from people sending me links to these shows and cannot possibly respond to them. But I want to note this one.

Why are you seeing recently a spate of desperation among certain pretrib teachers?

Because they are witnessing many pretrib believers coming over to the prewrath position. This is very encouraging for prewrath. God is making inroads into the tradition-bound circles of pretribulationism.

What we are seeing recently is pretrib teachers like Billy Crone who are blustering about pretrib on the pop pretrib radio programs, even though he refuses to defend his pretrib view in a public moderated debate.

In this interview, Crone implicitly challenged anyone to refute his pretrib interpretation of Revelation 3:10. I am waiting Mr. Crone. Let’s have that debate.

But Crone is disingenuous and does not really mean this. It is pure bluster.

For example he claims that σε τηρήσω ἐκ τῆς ὥρας τοῦ πειρασμοῦ (I will keep you from the hour of testing) is the clearest argument for pretribulationism. His explanation of this phrase is so out of touch with the linguistic context that I may use it in a forthcoming book on how not to commit lexical fallacies. Mr. Crone stop going on your safe-space pretrib radio programs pretending to be this irrefutable exponent of the pretrib position.

He also commits the common word-concept fallacy with orge! Nothing we have not addressed already. Pretrib teachers are not progressing with argumentation, but sadly regressing.

The reason Crone will not debate is because he knows for a fact that he will not be able to bluster on about pretrib and he knows his arguments would fall apart during the debate, including the cross-examination period.


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