James White Documents Fear-Mongering Brannon Howse’s Falsehoods and Deception

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend has a history of slander and misrepresentation. Chris Pinto’s conspiracy show airs on his network. Pinto did a program a few years back slandering me saying that I was promoting Christian homosexuality. I kid you not. What was his reason? I took a class at Harvard Divinity where a professor I never heard of, or met, was teaching somewhere else on campus that homosexuality was acceptable. How exactly does that logically follow? I was never told. It was first rank guilty by association. And even if I took a class with this professor, which I did not (my class was on a completely different topic), so what? That would had given me a chance to be a light within darkness in that class. Evidently, according to Pinto, Christians are to cloister themselves only in Christian schools.

Howse did not take the program down. And Pinto has never repented from his slander.

Brannon Howse has many pretrib proponents on his program who have misrepresented the prewrath position, some of them documented on this website. Howse knows better. He has been corrected, but refuses to represent prewrath correctly.

All you have to do is read his facebook posts and you can see that his little kingdom has gone to his head. It is sad to see this man deceived by his own pride and ignorance.

Brannon Howse is thin-skinned and cannot take constructive criticism. He has doubled and tripled down on his vicious slander against James White and Alpha & Omega Ministries, who has proclaimed the gospel—literally—all over the world, especially bringing light to the dark Islamic world. Howse’s slander will condemn himself if he does not repent of his wicked, bigoted slander.



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