Fundraising Campaign: Help Us Raise $7,200 to Publish Prewrath Book

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This fall I would like to publish my comprehensive critique of pretribulational imminence. The official title of the book is forthcoming. This will be an incredibly important contribution to prewrath literature.

Since the book will be published by the ministry’s imprint, Eschatos Publishing, I need your help to raise funds for all the publishing costs. The goal this summer is to raise $7,200 which will cover all the expenses from A–Z.

Gifts are not tax-deductible, so it is a gift from one Christian to another.

You can give one of two ways:

Give via CC or Paypal:

Or you can send a check to Eschatos Ministries:

Eschatos Ministries
P.O. Box 107
Pompton Lakes NJ 07442

Thank you for your consideration.

Alan Kurschner


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