Paper Notice: East Region Meeting ETS in Lancaster, PA, April 7–8

I will be delivering a paper at the 2018 Evangelical Theological Society East Region Meeting in Lancaster, PA, April 7–8.

Here is the title and abstract of the paper:

The Theological Word-Concept Fallacy: James Barr’s Linguistic Critique Then and Now

James Barr’s groundbreaking The Semantics of Biblical Language brought modern linguistic principles to the consciousness of theological and biblical studies. This paper discusses (1) Barr’s criticism of “lexical theology,” in particular Kittle’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament; (2) The different forms of the “theological word-concept” fallacy and specific examples; (3) Reasons why this interpretive fallacy stubbornly persists today in exegetical studies, including recommendations as a way forward.



Paul’s Use of Isaiah 59:20-21 in Romans 11:26-27

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The Structure of Matthew’s Olivet Discourse – Ep. 111

The key issue to the structure of Matthew's Olivet Discourse is the relationship between vv. 9–14 and verse 15ff. I first talked about the disciples' questions about the sign to the parousia (second coming) and the end of the age, which opens up the … [Continue reading]

Is Saudi Arabia’s City NEOM Mystery Babylon?

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Is Rome Mystery Babylon?

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‘Apocalypse’ ‘Apocalyptic’ ‘Apocalypticism’

Apocalypse. A text that purports to offer disclosure of heavenly secrets by vision, dream or audition. Apocalyptic. An adjective referring to that which is linked with revelation or the Apocalypse, the book of Revelation, often used as an … [Continue reading]

Pray for Dr. Tommy Ice’s Health

Update:  Continue to pray for Dr. Ice as he recovers. Please pray for Dr. Tommy Ice who had a major heart attack yesterday. He will have open heart surgery this next Wednesday.  Dr. Ice is the executive director of the Pre-Trib Research … [Continue reading]

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Reply to Thomas Kidd: “When Christians Began Speaking of ‘the’ Antichrist”

Since the comment section of Thomas Kidd's blog does not work, I will post my comments to his blog article here (his blog article is linked below).     Thomas, Thank you for your article. If I may, I would like to point out a … [Continue reading]

The Fifth Seal and ‘The Pretrib Contradiction’ – Ep. 110

The Pretrib Contradiction exposes the weakness of pretribulation rapture theology. I explained two aspects to this contradiction. First, I talked about how the fifth seal relates (or does not relate) to Paul's promise in 1 Thess 5:9 about believers … [Continue reading]

‘The Pretrib Contradiction’

Let's call it by that name. So, what is "The Pretrib Contradiction"? I'll put it in syllogistic terms to highlight the unsound pretrib logic: Premise 1: Pretribulationism claims that 1 Thessalonians 5:9 is a promise that exempts Christians … [Continue reading]