Why One’s View on Imminence Theology Matters – Ep. 90

Your view of agreeing or disagreeing with a pretrib imminent rapture matters. I explained that there are implications to holding to imminence theology. We should, instead, take a biblical expectancy position toward Jesus’s return, which I explained what I mean by this. There are three features to biblical expectancy if the Christian is going to practice biblical expectancy. Pretrib imminence theology fails to recognize these three.

Pretribs teachers claim that if you deny imminence, it will affect your sanctification. I explained why this is woefully mistaken and unbiblical. In short, this issue matters and cannot be ignored—which is why I wrote a book on it.



The Biggest Hindrance to Understanding the Book of Revelation

  "The biggest hindrance to understanding the message of the Revelation is not its strange imagery, but rather, human sin and the inability to comprehend the nature of God's holiness." —From Robert L. Muse' review of H. Burkhardt's … [Continue reading]

Creation, the Menorah, and Seven Lights

Steve Hays has an interesting insight: In three respects, Gen 1 foreshadows the menorah: i) The word for "light(s)" on the Fourth Day is repeated in reference to the menorah, viz. 14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the … [Continue reading]

James White Exposes BRANNON HOWSE’S Little Fundamentalist Kingdom, Including JANET MEFFERD’S Double Standard

(Editors Note: One of my purposes of posting this controversy with Brannon Howse is to demonstrate that his attitude and political position on the Gospel possess HUGE implications for how his pretrib ilk will behave when they are shocked to learn of … [Continue reading]

What Is the Best Argument for Premillennialism?

I am finishing my PhD this coming year, finally. My dissertation is on a linguistic analysis of the cohesion between Revelation 19–20. Without exception, amillennialists break the unified discourse at Revelation 20:1, being influenced by the chapter … [Continue reading]

James White Refutes the Slander of James Simpson of American Thinker and Exposes Brannon Howse’s Politicization of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

You can listen to it … [Continue reading]

How Would It Prove Pretrib If APOSTASIA Refers to the Rapture? – Ep. 89

I talked about a deep-seated pretrib assumption that identifies the truth that the rapture occurs before the day of the Lord with the pretribulational rapture itself. It is not the same thing. The problem as I pointed out in this episode is that … [Continue reading]

A Snippet from the Forthcoming Book Responding to Pretrib Imminence…

God has worked with Israel and the church at the same time in the past, he does in the present, and he will in the future.   In the Past God worked with Israel during the church age in AD 70. Before the death of Jesus during the Old … [Continue reading]

Did God Break His Promise to Israel?

This article is worth the read, which includes some helpful resources: "Can Old Testament verses speaking of Israel be legitimately reinterpreted by the New? Can we trust what we plainly read in the Old Testament or do we need some kind of decoder … [Continue reading]

THE Apostasy Within the Church Will Come Through the Antichrist’s Mark of the Beast – Ep. 88

“Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not arrive until the rebellion [apostasia] comes and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction.” (2 Thess 2:3 NET) In this episode, I first explained the larger context to the … [Continue reading]

(VIDEO) An Easy Refutation of Pretrib Pastor Joey Wampler on the 24 Elders

I have replied to this common pretrib argument before here and here. Incidentally, pastor Wampler, first, you have to understand that Steven Anderson holds to a warped view of the prewrath rapture. He is not representative of the prewrath … [Continue reading]