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Tommy Ice and Brannon Howse’s Prejudices On Display…

Tommy Ice does not know Greek, but he pretends to.

He was on Brannon Howse’s program yesterday trying to argue that “apostasy/rebellion” (apostasia) in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 means “rapture.” Starting at 47:00 here. (April 14, 2014).

So I was listening to this and just cringing all the way through listening to Tommy Ice “explain” the Greek. Howse calls him an “expert,” even though he is not in any formal or practical meaning of the term. And what is “prophecy expert” supposed to mean in the first place? How can you trust someone’s interpretation when they cannot even get the most basic linguistic facts correct? Evidently, calling someone an “expert” makes that person an expert.

In this interview, Ice demonstrated the axiom that “a little Greek is a dangerous thing.”

I encourage anyone to listen to it, then read my refutation of this absurd—and desperate—argument by pretribulationist Tommy Ice:


Notice what I just did. I encouraged people to listen to both sides of an issue. Not just both sides filtered through one source or person, but both a pretribulationist and a prewrath proponent as myself. I even linked to the other side!

You see, pretribs cannot, and will not, do this. You will not find Brannon Howse encouraging his listeners to read my article against Ice’s argumentation, let alone link my article to it!

Why not? Because he knows his position cannot stand up to scrutiny. Further, Howse does not trust his listeners to think for themselves, which is why he insulates them to only the pretrib position.

It is very telling.

And this is just another reason why Tommy Ice will not debate me, because he knows I would expose his ignorance of Greek on this issue and his fallacious attempt to use it to defend his pretribulationism. He knows he cannot defend his view publicly.

But as I have said many times, this only hurts their position, not the prewrath position. Let the pretribs come over to the prewrath position in droves, as they are. They know which position is willing to defend their beliefs publicly.



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