Interviewed by Michael Brown on The Line of Fire – Prewrath and Posttrib

Dr. Michael Brown had me on The Line of Fire today to discuss prewrath and post-trib (It starts at 31 minutes into the program). I want to thank Dr. Brown, who is a post-tribber, for his willingness to seek to understand prewrath eschatology.

I knew that I would have a very short time—about 20 minutes including commercial breaks!—so I had to talk fast to get in a good summary of what prewrath teaches. Brown challenged me on a couple of matters from his post-trib viewpoint, which I answered. But I was hoping for more time to interact with his post-tribulationism, but time ran out. However, he may have me on his show again in the future.

I want to list here a selection of articles I have written in response to posttribulationism in the hopes that Brown and other posttribbers will consider.



Upcoming Seminar on the History of the Bible at New Jersey Bible Institute


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This Week’s Program Is Pushed to Friday… [UPDATE: Next Wed]

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New Jersey Bible Prophecy Seminar This Saturday!

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Do the Seals on the Scroll in the Book of Revelation Express the Day of the Lord’s Wrath? – Ep. 13

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I responded to the very common pretribulational claim that the seals in the book of Revelation express the day of the Lord's wrath. They argue this namely because it says that Jesus himself opens the seals. I refuted this notion by actually examining … [Continue reading]

East Coast Bible Prophecy Seminar Next Week!

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Debunking Jonathan Cahn’s Claim on the Date of Jesus’ Birth Cahn's most recent sensationalist-style "insight" has him forcing the date through his Hebrew roots framework. He plays fast and loose with the facts and reads way too much into … [Continue reading]

“The Quraysh Model” – Antichrist’s Strategy Behind Breaking the Seven Year Covenant?

I obviously disagree with Hal Lindsey's pretribulationism and his past publications based on sensationalism, but I thought this excerpt was informative and may explain the strategy behind Antichrist's actions when he breaks the future seven-year … [Continue reading]

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The Shemitah – The Fourth Person of the Trinity

 “The Shemitah affects everything – from stock market crashes and downturns to the rise and fall of nations and empires.” —Jonathan Cahn The way that Cahn talks about the Shemitah, you would think the Shemitah is the fourth person of the Trinity, … [Continue reading]

Avoiding the Word Concept Fallacy – A Lesson in Biblical and Theological Interpretation – Ep. 12

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I talked about the very common word fallacy called the "word-concept" fallacy. I explained why it is important to understand this fallacy of biblical interpretation because it impinges upon our theology of biblical prophecy. I then defined the … [Continue reading]