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Back to the Basics of Prewrath Teaching – Ep. 80

I started off announcing a Florida Bible Prophecy Conference on April 1–2, where I will be speaking with Marvin Rosenthal and Steve Hogan. Click here for the upcoming Florida Bible Prophecy Conference Chris White interviewed me a few years ago … [Continue reading]

Book Review: The Coming Flood: A Call for the Endurance and Faith of the Saints by Jeremy Wells

James Pate has written a brief book review of Jeremy Wells' book The Coming Flood: A Call for the Endurance and Faith of the Saints. I have not read this book but intend to. But I wanted to respond very briefly to Wells' thesis, who seems to come … [Continue reading]

Aquarius, Astrology, and Apostasy

Charisma Mag has released an article explaining what the constellation Aquarius has to say about Pentecost and the End Times. The article was written by Ron Allen, who is the founder of the International Star Bible Society, an entire self-proclaimed … [Continue reading]

(VIDEO) God’s Curse Against Anti-Semitism Explains this Video

“I will bless those who bless you, but the one who treats you lightly I must curse, and all the families of the earth will bless one another by your name.”” (Gen 12:3 NET) … [Continue reading]

Does Jewish Wedding Imagery Support Pretribulationism? – Ep. 79

Chris White interviewed me a few years ago on his program to respond to pretrib teacher Jimmy DeYoung on certain pretrib objections to prewrath. I played a brief clip from this interview covering the common pretrib claim that the traditional Jewish … [Continue reading]

Expectation of Jesus’ Coming and the Canon

One point I would add to the following helpful article is that believing Jesus will come during one's lifetime is not the same thing as saying his return is "imminent." I believe the Bible teaches that every generation should expect Jesus in their … [Continue reading]

Does Revelation 3:10 Support a Pretribulation Rapture? – Ep. 78

I intend to discuss Revelation 3:10 more in depth in a future episode, but in this brief episode I wanted to drive home a single point why this verse does not support pretribulationism and why it cannot be used as an objection against … [Continue reading]

Why Eschatos Ministries Is Not a 501(c)(3)Tax-Exempt Organization

When I started Eschatos Ministries about five years ago, I had original, modest intentions of just posting infrequent blog posts and promoting a soon-to-be published book. So I was not thinking in terms of an official, organized tax-exempt ministry … [Continue reading]

Paul Martin Henebury on Whether the Term ‘Replacement Theology’ Is Accurate

Recently I have been reminded of the Reformed community’s aversion to the label of supercessionism, or worse, replacement theology.  In the last decade or so particularly I have read repeated disavowals of this term from covenant theologians.  Not … [Continue reading]

Prewrath Pastors Gathering at John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ Conference Summit, Feb 28–March 3

I am aware that there are prewrath pastors that attend annually John MacArthur's Shepherds' Conference Summit. This year's Summit is at the end of the month, Feb 28–March 3. I am willing to connect these prewrath pastors together so they can meet up … [Continue reading]