Small Group Bible Prophecy Study Material for this Fall…And a BIG Announcement!

I am often asked about prewrath teaching material for a small Bible prophecy study group. There are at least two options.

Prewrath Book

First, you can purchase at a deep bulk discount the book  Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction to the Great Tribulation, Rapture, and Day of the Lord. If you purchase ten copies it comes out to be only $5.00 a book.

Workshop: Prewrath Audio and Study Guide

Second, I have great news! Next week we are launching a professional e-commerce store on this website, which will make available books, pamphlets, charts, MP3s, and Video.

In conjunction with this, I will be launching the Prewrath Bible Prophecy Workshop™  This will be perfect for small Bible studies. This has been the number one request for prewrath material over the years. Now you will have it. It will consist of six audio sessions going through and explaining the prewrath position. It will also include a digital study guide that you can print out for your small group members to use for the workshop. It can also be used for individual study or for a church-wide study. To be announced soon!


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