There Will be No Program this Week

I really wanted to have a program this Wednesday, but a major project due, as well as being out of state for some of the week caused me to cancel this week’s program But we will be back on schedule next Wednesday!


Want to Learn Koine Greek? Beginning and Intermediate Greek Grammars, Linguistics, and Biblical Resources


I plan to post an extended bibliography on Greek linguistics. But I know some of you will want to get up and running right now. Here is my opinion. For beginning Greek grammars I recommend Rodney Decker’s first year Greek grammar coming out … [Continue reading]

A Stark Contrast between a PreWrath and PreTrib 2015 Bible Prophecy Conference – Ep. 11

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I contrasted the stark features between an upcoming pretrib prophecy conference and a prewrath prophecy conference, both in Orlando in 2015. The differences are telling. I talked about a material feature that the pretrib conference is promoting to … [Continue reading]

A Refutation of Dr. Ben Witherington III – Long on Assertions, Short on Actual Argumentation

I have refuted both of Dr. Ben Witherington's claims … [Continue reading]

Sign Me Up for the 2015 Orlando Prophecy Conference! “A television that is displayed into the mirror in every bathroom!”


I kid you not folks, the pretrib 2015 Orlando Prophecy Conference is promoting their conference through—not actual biblical teaching—but leading with this: "This hotel is equipped with the latest amenities including a television that is displayed … [Continue reading]

Florida Bible Prophecy Conference – Register Soon!

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Download the Orlando Bible Prophecy Conference Flyer CLICK HERE to register for conference and for more information.     … [Continue reading]

A Quick Reply to Posttribulationists Michael Brown and Craig Keener and Their Misrepresentation of Prewrath

I appreciate much of the work that Dr. Brown has done (as I have promoted his material previously on this website), but I believe he has a blind spot on eschatology, particularly on the second coming of Christ. A caller called into his show Line … [Continue reading]

New Jersey Prophecy Seminar Next Month! – November 22

Sign up soon!     … [Continue reading]

James 5:7–9 – A Pretrib Imminent Rapture or An Expectant Second Coming of Christ? – Ep. 10

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I examined James 5:7–9 arguing that this very popular pretribulational prooftext does not teach that the rapture is "imminent." Instead, James is teaching that the Lord's return—his second coming (parousia)—is expectant. The pretribulational … [Continue reading]

Responding to Historicism on Matthew 24:15–31

I wrote this piece  about three years ago and I want to repost it because it is important in that it refutes the most common interpretation of the Olivet Discourse on the issue of the relationship between the abomination of desolation and the … [Continue reading]

Florida and New Jersey Bible Prophecy Conferences to be Announced Very Soon!

Later this week, I will be posting an announcement of a New Jersey Bible Prophecy Seminar that will be held next month, November 22nd in Parsippany, NJ. In addition, in the next week I will be announcing a Florida Bible Prophecy Conference that … [Continue reading]