VIDEO of the Debate is Now Available!

The video of my debate with Tommy Ice is now available.

Also, be sure to check out my post-debate commentary on the rapture debate page (on this same page you can make a donation which is appreciated).



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VIDEO | Pretribs Make the Same Categorical Error as the Thessalonians by Confusing Persecution with God’s Judgment

  The Thessalonian believers in Paul's second epistle were suffering because of persecution. They made the mistake of thinking that they were experiencing the day of the Lord's wrath because of this. Paul writes back and reassures them that the … [Continue reading]

One Taken and One Left Behind, and the Meaning of ‘Where the dead body is, there the vultures will gather’ in Luke 17:37 – Ep. 49

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I responded to Jim McClarty's critique of the prewrath interpretation of one taken and one left behind. First, I recapped previously argued points from episode 9 where I gave a half dozen reasons to show that the ones who are taken are taken for … [Continue reading]

What Exactly Is the Identity of the ‘Star’ of Bethlehem? The Bible, Astronomy, and Scholarship Par Excellence

star of bethlehem

Colin R. Nicholl is one of the most careful New Testament exegetes I know today. In the April 2000 volume of The Journal of Theological Studies, Colin R. Nicholl published the seminal article, “Michael, The Restrainer Removed (2 Thess. 2:6-7),” mak … [Continue reading]

My Post-Debate Commentary and Why Tommy Ice Failed to Support His Pretribulational Rapture – Ep 48

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I gave my post-debate commentary on my eschatology debate with Thomas Ice. I discussed the following topics that were covered in the debate and expanded on them here: -The celestial disturbances in Joel 2, Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Revelation … [Continue reading]

Get the Prewrath Bible Prophecy Workshop™ Study Guide for FREE

Bible Prophecy Workshop Study Guide

Click on the image above to get your free copy of the workshop study guide. This is a six-week study on the Second Coming of Christ from the prewrath perspective. This Bible prophecy workshop is ideal for small group Bible studies, church-wide … [Continue reading]

The Cosmography of Revelation

In general, Revelation depicts an ecological disaster on a global and even cosmic scale. The flora is firebombed. The natural freshwater sources are poisoned. Marine life is destroyed by boiling water and contaminants. The sun ceases to shine. Record … [Continue reading]

Upcoming California Bible Prophecy Conference – Register Now

The Future Israel, Future Millennium Conference is approaching. Be sure to register. … [Continue reading]

I have one opening starting in November for my online Greek course!

First come, first serve. Contact me if you want to start learning Greek next month. Here is the Greek Page.     … [Continue reading]

A prewrath meet-up at this year’s annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Atlanta, GA

If you are a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and attending next month's ETS annual meeting in Atlanta, GA, I am organizing a prewrath meet-up. If you are interested you can contact me. Alan Hultberg, myself, and other prewrath … [Continue reading]

False Teacher and Failed Date Setter Mark Biltz Makes a Most Dangerous Statement: ‘We are safe and have another seven years’

False teacher and failed date setter Mark Biltz whose failed prediction of Jesus' return last month is at it again. Failed date setters do not repent—they double down. Biltz has contributed absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing to biblical p … [Continue reading]