Taking LIVE VIDEO Questions on Eschatology this Monday 3:00–3:30pm Eastern

I will be taking live video questions on eschatology this Monday from 3:00–3:30pm eastern on Meerkat.
 You need a twitter account and you have to watch it via Meerkat app on a iOS device—not a browser. I repeat, you need to watch it on the Meerkat app on an iOS device (i.e. iphone or ipad. They are working on an Android version).

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[LIVE VIDEO NOW from Alan's study 9:00am–10:00pm eastern for taking questions on eschatology. You need a twitter account and the Meerkat app for an iOS device.]   I am starting to use Meerkat for live video streaming. You can follow … [Continue reading]

The Prophet Elijah Will Arrive BEFORE the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5) – Ep. 30

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I talked about Malachi's prophecy of the coming of the prophet Elijah before the day of the Lord: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes” (Mal 4:5). There are several key precursors that will … [Continue reading]

Learn Biblical Hebrew at New Jersey Bible Institute

BASICS OF BIBLICAL HEBREW 1 Starts Monday, June 8. You can download the seminar syllabus here. This seminar will meet for eight weekly sessions on Monday evenings from 6:30pm–9:30pm. www.newjerseybibleinstitute.org     … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: What Is the Correct Meaning of “You Are Lukewarm, and Neither Hot Nor Cold” to the Laodicean Church?

I talked about the correct interpretation of Revelation 3:14–16. I explained an important piece of cultural-geographical background that illuminates the meaning of this bit of text. "Hot" and "cold" are not being contrasted with each other. They are … [Continue reading]

Next Wednesday is Deadline to Register for Seminars for New Jersey Bible Institute!

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newjerseybibleinstitute.org/ … [Continue reading]

RAPTURE DEBATE: Will the Church Face the Antichrist Before the Rapture? Pre-Wrath or Pre-Tribulational? – Ep. 29

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I announced an upcoming debate on the rapture question between myself representing the prewrath position and Thomas Ice of the Pre-trib Research Center representing the pretrib position. The debate will be held at The Hope Center in Plano Texas, … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: Revelation 20 Is NOT Where the Millennial Debate Should Begin

This past weekend I gave a paper at the Evangelical Theological Society Northeast Section’s Annual Meeting in Clarks Summit, PA at Baptist Bible Seminary. The title of my paper is THE TERMINUS A QUO OF THE BINDING OF SATAN: A FUNCTIONAL DISCOURSE … [Continue reading]

Satan Is Not Bound by a Bungee Cord, as Amillennialists Would Have You Believe

In arguing that Satan's present-day activities are not in conflict with his present-day imprisonment in Revelation 20, Hendriksen writes, "A dog...bound with a long and heavy chain can do great damage within the circles of his imprisonment" … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: Did You Know There Are Five, Not Four, Sets of Sevens in the Book of Revelation?

The fifth set of seven in the book of Revelation are seven unnumbered visions. They function in chapters 12-14 as a parenthetical section, developing previous eschatological events mostly that will occur during the Antichrist's great tribulation. … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: Bits of Biblical Prophecy to Go!

This is the first video of an informal series on various topics of Bible prophecy. I will be taking Q&A as well as sharing issues of biblical prophecy that I am working through. … [Continue reading]