Accommodation Principle of Interpreting Apocalyptic Prophecy | Book of Revelation

“[S]ome aspects of the original prophecy may be described in terms appropriate for the understanding of the hearers of its time—e.g., wars involving horses and swords, rather than future weapons totally unknown at the time of writing. Such adaptations to the understanding of the original hearers, however, do not change the essential meaning of the original prophecy. In the case of warfare, without indication that the writer is speaking symbolically, but is rather speaking in terms of concrete realities—such as people, nations, and geographical places—the prophecy is to be understood as real warfare even though the actual weapons may be different in the future fulfillment.”

Robert L. Saucy, “The Progressive Dispensational View,” In Perspectives on Israel and the Church. fn. 164.


Individual Salvation and International Salvation

"The salvation of the coming messianic days thus entailed the inward transformation of the individual, which would result from a promised making of a 'new covenant' (see also 'covenant of peace' and 'everlasting covenant,' Ezek 37:26), through which … [Continue reading]

A New Course on New Testament Textual Criticism


  Over at the Center for Learning Biblical Greek, I am offering a course on New Testament Textual Criticism. Why should I take this course? One of the most commonly asked questions in the church today is, "How did we get our Bible?" A … [Continue reading]

A Very Brief History of the “Secret Rapture” Pretribulation Theory – Ep. 64

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On the program, I discussed a couple of issues. First, I talked about the pretrib theological expression "secret rapture." I explained what that means in pretrib parlance and why it is an unbiblical concept. By “secret,” pretribulationists are … [Continue reading]

What Is Pretribulational Imminency? (aka ‘Imminent,’ ‘Imminence,’ ‘Any Moment Rapture’) – Ep. 63

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I defined what is meant by pretrib "imminence." I also noted what it does not mean. In addition, I cited first-hand noted pretrib statements on what imminence means: John Nelson Darby: “No events, no earthly circumstances, intervene or modify the … [Continue reading]

An Overview of My Forthcoming Book on Critiquing Pretribulational Any-Moment Rapture Theology – Ep. 62

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In this episode I gave an overview of my forthcoming book responding to pretrib imminence theology. I read the Introduction to the book which included the contents of the book as well. It will be a comprehensive critique of the flawed doctrine of the … [Continue reading]

Here Is Why American Professing Christians Will Be Deceived When the Antichrist Arrives

The upcoming Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference sponsored by Gary Stearman and Thomas Horn's The Prophecy Watchers is basically a sci-fi false, pretrib, prophecy conference. Satan will tickle their ears with topics of discussion such … [Continue reading]

How NOT to Do Biblical Prophecy | New Apostolic Reformation, ‘Prophet’ Steve Cioccolanti, Donald Trump, Last Trump

  hat tip: Pulpit and Pen   … [Continue reading]

VIDEO: The Day of the Lord | Prewrath, Eschatology, Second Coming

Paul Dorgan in Session 4 of an 8-Session End Times Seminar covers the Day of the Lord and further explanation of the timing of the Rapture.     … [Continue reading]

The Trumpet Judgments Cannot Begin Until the Scroll is Opened with the Breaking of the Final Seventh Seal


Here are the reasons I believe this to be the case.   … [Continue reading]

Pastor Changes His Pretrib View…

Pastor Matt Hsieh of Rancho Baptist Church in Temecula, CA delivers a helpful sermon. It is encouraging to know there are pastors out there who are willing to reevaluate their pretribulationism.   … [Continue reading]