Refuting Steve Wohlberg on His Replacement Theology

On his radio program Line of Fire, Michael Brown debated Steve Wohlberg on the meaning of Israel in the New Testament. Does it refer to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or does it refer to a spiritual entity [the church] only?

This is one of the best debates I have ever heard on this issue — and one of the most lopsided debates. Brown thoroughly refuted Wohlberg’s view that God has replaced the promises given to physical Israel and now they only apply to the church. If there is any debate you listen to this year, listen to this one!

What I really enjoyed about this debate was Brown challenged Wohlberg on key passages, only to see Wohlberg run away from them to other passages; and when he did respond to a specific text, Wohlberg engaged in Scripture-twisting to the first degree. In short, Wohlberg allowed his tradition to determine his interpretation, not the natural reading of the text.

If you are a pastor or bible study leader who believes that God does not break his unconditional promises to Israel, I would suggest you take this audio file and use it for one of your Bible studies. Don’t rush through it.  Work through each passage in your bible study or sunday school teaching.

This debate was a teachable moment demonstrating that amillennialism/replacement theology is an indefensible position.

(Incidentally, see this article that shows Wohlberg’s Seventh Day Adventist connection.)



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