Bible Conference on the Jewish People and Israel in New Jersey – October 14-16, 2016

Coming up very soon, Chosen People Ministries and Zarephath Christian Church is sponsoring the PRAYING FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM CONFERENCE in Zarephath, NJ, October 14–16. The speakers include Michael Brown, Mitch Glaser, Rich Freeman. The deadline to register for the conference is October 11 (i.e. soon!). Here is the PDF brochure of the conference. […]

Gary DeMar Fails Miserably in His Debate Defending Replacement Theology (aka Supersessionism)

I just listened to the debate between Michael Brown and Gary DeMar on whether the church has replaced Israel. This was one doozy of a lopsided debate. You can download it for free here. Gary DeMar is stuck in 1970 when the The Late, Great Planet Earth was published by Hal Lindsey. I have noticed […]

Reviewing My Radio Interview on Michael Brown’s The Line of Fire – Pre-Wrath and Post-Trib Eschatology – Ep. 14 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI talked about my interview on Michael Brown’s The Line of Fire Program this past week. I played the entire clip from his show. First, I responded to a couple of misrepresentations that Michael Brown and Craig Keener gave on a past program and corrected that misunderstanding. […]

Interviewed by Michael Brown on The Line of Fire – Prewrath and Posttrib

Dr. Michael Brown had me on The Line of Fire today to discuss prewrath and post-trib (It starts at 31 minutes into the program). I want to thank Dr. Brown, who is a post-tribber, for his willingness to seek to understand prewrath eschatology. I knew that I would have a very short time—about 20 minutes […]

A Quick Reply to Posttribulationists Michael Brown and Craig Keener and Their Misrepresentation of Prewrath

I appreciate much of the work that Dr. Brown has done (as I have promoted his material previously on this website), but I believe he has a blind spot on eschatology, particularly on the second coming of Christ. A caller called into his show Line of Fire and asked if his guest Craig Keener is […]

Michael Brown Responds to Comments Made by John Piper on Israel

At 41:10 Michael Brown begins to correct theological statements on Israel made by John Piper. Sadly, I see Piper’s historical premillennialism blinds him to the biblical truth that God has promised Israel salvation when Jesus returns. God does not nullify his promises.

Michael Brown vs. Don Preston Debate Romans 11:25–27 on Israel and Eschatology


Michael Brown Versus Don Preston – Debate on “Future Israel,” June 3 (hat tip: Joel Richardson) Don Preston is not your typical preterist. He is a hyper-preterist, believing that the resurrection has already taken place. But the debate is on future Israel: Will there be a future reconstituted Israel or not? James White will be moderator. At first I was concerned that there would not be […]

Are the Land Promises to Israel Unconditional? “Scott Volk interviews Dr. Brown today on Thoroughly Jewish Thursday, raising difficult issues about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, discussing difficult verses about Israel and the Church, and taking your Jewish-related questions.”  

Lectures on The People, The Land, and the Future of Israel Recently, Chosen People Ministries held a theological conference in New York in order to present a biblical case for the restoration of Israel to the land in a future kingdom.  There were a number of speakers addressing a variety of topics. For instance, Darrell Bock spoke on the future of Israel according to […]

Scott Volk and Michael Brown on Replacement Theology Dr. Brown shares excerpts from his newly recorded podcast interviews about the idea that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan of redemption, answering Scott’s questions about key verses in this important discussion.