Reply to Thomas Kidd: “When Christians Began Speaking of ‘the’ Antichrist”

Since the comment section of Thomas Kidd’s blog does not work, I will post my comments to his blog article here (his blog article is linked below). Thomas, Thank you for your article. If I may, I would like to point out a fundamental flaw in your reasoning without being verbose. I believe you are […]

Covenant Theology Possesses an Incomplete Gospel Story

Covenant Theology flattens out the beautiful story of the Gospel and ends up robbing Christ of his glory. I am namely speaking of their supersessionist theology that says the church (or Christ) has superseded any promises that God made with national Israel before Christ. The church has become the “new Israel.” God is done with […]

Michael Brown Responds to Comments Made by John Piper on Israel

At 41:10 Michael Brown begins to correct theological statements on Israel made by John Piper. Sadly, I see Piper’s historical premillennialism blinds him to the biblical truth that God has promised Israel salvation when Jesus returns. God does not nullify his promises.