A Brief Reply to Mike Stallard of Israel My Glory…

https://israelmyglory.org/article/when-is-it/ I want to comment on this recent article by Dr. Mike Stallard who is the Director of International Ministries for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. This article above is from the recent January/February 2018 issue of Israel My Glory, which is an arm of the ministry The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. “Prewrath […]

Covenant Theology Possesses an Incomplete Gospel Story

Covenant Theology flattens out the beautiful story of the Gospel and ends up robbing Christ of his glory. I am namely speaking of their supersessionist theology that says the church (or Christ) has superseded any promises that God made with national Israel before Christ. The church has become the “new Israel.” God is done with […]

A Few Responses to Mike Stallard

I want to briefly respond to a few objections that pretribulationist Mike Stallard had made against the prewrath position. I have heard similar objections by others, so I hope my response here will be instructive.   On the Celestial Disturbances In 2002 at the Pre-Trib Study Group, Mike Stallard wrote, “An Analysis of the Use […]