A Brief Reply to Mike Stallard of Israel My Glory…


I want to comment on this recent article by Dr. Mike Stallard who is the Director of International Ministries for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

This article above is from the recent January/February 2018 issue of Israel My Glory, which is an arm of the ministry The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

“Prewrath Rapture. Proponents of this position, a modified midtribulational view, believe the Rapture will occur sometime during the last half of the Tribulation”

I appreciate that Stallard did not define it by stating prewrath believes the rapture occurs “3/4th into the tribulation period.” Many pretrib teachers wrongly state this. He uses the accurate description of prewrath: “the Rapture will occur sometime during the last half of the Tribulation.” But here he uses the term “the tribulation,” which is a loaded pretrib term suggesting that this seven-year period is some monochromatic event, all characterized by God’s wrath. Prewrath believes that the Antichrist’s great tribulation begins at the midpoint and at some unknown period during the second half Jesus returns to rapture and resurrect his people; then on that same day the Day of the Lord’s wrath begins to be poured out on this world for the remaining part of the seven-year period.

I would also take issue with his statement, “a modified midtribulation view.” It is not. If anything prewrath is more “modified postrib” since it shares affinities with posttrib. The midtrib view is much more similar to pretrib, especially on the key issue of whether the Church will face the Antichrist. Pretrib and midtrib both believe they will be raptured before the Antichrist’s persecution.

“The pretrib and posttrib views are the most prominent among premillennialists.

This is true, but he fails to mention that prewrath is the fastest growing among all the views, with many pretrib, midtrib, and post-trib believers leaving their positions and affirming prewrath.

“If we assume the prewrath position, the seal judgments would precede the Day of the Lord. These judgments include war (second seal; Rev. 6:4) and seriously unsafe conditions. So this view also fails to handle the “peace and safety” statement.”

Not at all. Stallard does not address the prewrath response to this objection. Recently I did an episode on this very objection on The Biblical Prophecy Program.

I would like to propose an idea to Dr. Stallard. Let’s have a written debate in Israel My Glory between prewrath and pretrib. I actually think that your readers would appreciate this and benefit from this theological interaction. It would allow them to hear the other side from a prewrath exponent. And I am willing to post the entire written debate at my site here, so my prewrath readers can hear the other side as well. Shall we?


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