“Prewrath Bozos” says Hyper-Dispensationalist Pastor Doug Stauffer of Antioch Baptist Church

If you want to hear what classic KJVOnly Independent Fundamental Baptist pretribulation rapture preaching sounds like, you have to listen to Doug Stauffer’s recent sermon! “Pre-Wrath Rapture Hoax – Believing a Lie.” http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=123151445554 You will notice Stauffer is utterly clueless with what prewrath teaches, almost to a bizarre level. Just to give you one example […]

Interviewed by Michael Brown on The Line of Fire – Prewrath and Posttrib

Dr. Michael Brown had me on The Line of Fire today to discuss prewrath and post-trib (It starts at 31 minutes into the program). I want to thank Dr. Brown, who is a post-tribber, for his willingness to seek to understand prewrath eschatology. I knew that I would have a very short time—about 20 minutes […]

A Prewrath Story…

I became a Christian in 1971 as a junior in college and one of the first books I read was Late Great Planet Earth which peaked my interest in Biblical prophecy.  This along with my Campus Crusade for Christ directorhaving graduated from Dallas Seminary and a good friend going to Dallas Seminary influenced me to accept […]

From the Archive: A Prewrath Story

Frequently I get prewrath stories and they are always enjoyable to read. I also post them every so often. One of my favorite ones is this classic story sent to me about pretrib teacher Herman Hoyt’s response when he was asked about the prewrath position. https://www.alankurschner.com/2011/12/04/leading-pretrib-teacher-herman-hoyt-goes-ballistic-when-asked-about-prewrath/  

Doctrinal Deception and Apathy – Eschatology Matters

Remember, I have told you ahead of time –Matthew 24:25 This warning captures the mission of Eschatos Ministries, which is why I placed it in the banner above. There are five opponents to this divine warning about the future coming of Antichrist’s great tribulation. 1. Pan-Tribulationism. This view is the most dangerous in my opinion. […]

Prewrath Story — Persecution is Normal

[This person asked to remain anonymous]: I have been a Christian since 1970. One of the very first things I did at age 14 in 1970 was read the whole Bible from cover to cover. I did this in about 5 days, reading 8 hours a day. I had the summer of 1970 rather free […]

Prewrath Story – Emerging Out of “Armstrongism”

My Journey to Prewrath When I was 16 years old my father was baptized in the Worldwide Church of God. He listened to the “The World Tomorrow” radio broadcast.  Those of you reading this are old enough to know the name of Garner Ted Armstrong and his father, Herbert W. Armstrong will know the church.  […]

An Encouraging “Prewrath Pamphlet Story”

A month ago I began publishing the Prewrath Pamphlet Series™ and now, thanks to many of you, there are thousands in print and disseminated all over this country (It is argued that Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense was the difference in the Revolutionary War!). Many people, who would not otherwise read a book on prewrath, […]

A Prewrath Story — A Most Excellent Teacher

 A Most Excellent Teacher by Marc S. Handelsman Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA Blog: http://mhandels.blogspot.com                When I was a student at the Friends of Israel: Institute of Biblical Studies (now Institute of Jewish Studies), Marvin Rosenthal was one of my professors. I respected his excellent teaching and genuine interest in his students. In the Spring […]