The five foolish virgins are ‘Pan-Tribulationists’

“I am a pan-tribulationist” is a cutesy slogan. But pan-tribulationism reflects a sinful and dangerous attitude, dismissing the severe warnings from Christ on this important subject. Jesus was not disingenuous when he warned about the events surrounding his return. And yet there are sadly countless believers who are like the five foolish virgins who think […]

5 Views that Deny the Church Will Face the Antichrist’s Great Tribulation

There are five views that deny the church will face the Antichrist: 1. Preterism 2. Historicism 3. Pretribulationism 4. Agnostic-Tribulationism 5. Pan-Tribulationism The Prewrath (as well as many post-tribs) affirm that the last generation of the church will face the Antichrist’s great tribulation just before Christ’s returns. See my book on this topic on Amazon: […]

Doctrinal Deception and Apathy – Eschatology Matters

Remember, I have told you ahead of time –Matthew 24:25 This warning captures the mission of Eschatos Ministries, which is why I placed it in the banner above. There are five opponents to this divine warning about the future coming of Antichrist’s great tribulation. 1. Pan-Tribulationism. This view is the most dangerous in my opinion. […]

Five Views that Dismiss Jesus and Paul’s Warning to the Church

In the context of the church that will encounter the Antichrist’s great tribulation, Jesus warns, “Remember, I have told you ahead of time” (Matt 24:25). And in the context of the Antichrist, Paul warns the church, “Let no one deceive you in any way” (2 Thess 2:3). The prewrath position (and most posttribs) is the […]

Be Careful of Platitudes on Biblical Prophecy

This past weekend I was in Iowa speaking at a prophecy seminar. We had the most amazing fellowship and teaching time. The people of God were edified and I was humbled by their teachable spirit. One of the most common questions and comments that came up during the seminar was why so many in the […]

An Ex-PanTribber

Chile says: I appreciate what you are doing, Alan. I used to be a “Pan-Tribber,” until I kept running into the fact that pre-trib was only a 150 year old view that was popularized a hundred years ago by a footnote in the Scolefield Reference Bible and propagated by Westerners. If pre-trib is wrong, then […]