Clarifying the Differences between the Pre-Wrath and Post-Trib Rapture Viewpoints

Every so often I like to link to articles that I have written in response to posttrib. I do this for three reasons. 1. There are some out there that use the misleading and inaccurate hybrid label “Prewrath-Postrib,” or some version of it. Almost without exception when I investigate this interpreter’s view, they are traditionally […]

5 Views that Deny the Church Will Face the Antichrist’s Great Tribulation

There are five views that deny the church will face the Antichrist: 1. Preterism 2. Historicism 3. Pretribulationism 4. Agnostic-Tribulationism 5. Pan-Tribulationism The Prewrath (as well as many post-tribs) affirm that the last generation of the church will face the Antichrist’s great tribulation just before Christ’s returns. See my book on this topic on Amazon: […]

What Is the Prewrath View on the Second Coming?

We get new readers every month who are new to the prewrath position. Some have questions about how the prewrath is different from other positions.  Here are a few resources that will help. This first one are the tenets of the prewrath position, where only the prewrath position can agree with all of them. And […]

The PreWrath Position Compared to Postribulational and Pretribulational Rapture Views

Every month we gain more readers and listeners to Eschatos Ministries, and it is a shame that helpful blog post articles end up crawling into the archive. So every so often I like to blow off the dust from evergreen material and highlight it again. Here is an interview of the three positions, with myself […]

What Does the Pre-Wrath Rapture Position Teach? – Ep. 17 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI described the prewrath position by outlining 15 essential tenets that someone must affirm in order to hold to a prewrath position. They are core minimum beliefs. If someone denies any of these definitional points they cannot be said to be prewrath in a meaningful sense of […]

Answering the Post-trib Interpretation of Revelation 16:15

There is a posttribber, Doug Swanson, on a prewrath facebook group that is claiming that Jesus returns between the sixth and seventh bowl because of the reference to Jesus coming as a thief. This is a naive reading not recognizing the parenthetical nature of the remark. “(Look! I will come like a thief! Blessed is […]

A Response to Post-tribulationism on the Chronology of the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls

I have posted the following article in the past, but I hate for it to get buried in the archives since I consider it a very effective argument against viewing the seals, trumpets, and bowls as happening at the same time. I have received positive feedback on it, including some posttribs rethinking their view of […]

Defining Prewrath

There are several prophecy interpreters who are appropriating the term “prewrath,” because it is becoming a popular position, and well, they want to get their particular interpretation heard. However, it is misleading and dishonest. For example, there are some “prewrath” interpretations I have read which are clearly posttribulational, not prewrath. They should use the term […]

VIDEO: Hultberg on the Rapture

Here are a few recent lectures on the rapture by Alan Hultberg.