The PreWrath Position Compared to Postribulational and Pretribulational Rapture Views

Every month we gain more readers and listeners to Eschatos Ministries, and it is a shame that helpful blog post articles end up crawling into the archive. So every so often I like to blow off the dust from evergreen material and highlight it again. Here is an interview of the three positions, with myself […]

Three Views of the Rapture – Pre-Tribulationism (Michael Svigel), Pre-Wrath (Alan Kurschner), and Post-Tribulationism (Craig Blomberg)

We have a lot of new readers on this blog, so I thought it would be helpful to re-post an interview where I represented the pre-wrath position. Michael Svigel represented pre-tribulationism, and Craig Blomberg represented post-tribulationism. There was a final Q&A section. Mike Svigel – Pretribulationism Alan Kurschner – Prewrath Craig Blomberg – Posttribulationism Questions and […]

NOW POSTED: All Three Interviews on Three Rapture Views

The final interview is posted, which is the pretribulational position. I have linked all three interviews below. Next week, there will be a final post where each of the participants were able to ask each other a question. In the near future, I will be responding to Svigel’s answers. His argument depends much on his […]

Interviews on the Rapture Here are the interviews and interviewees in the order they will appear online: Week 1: Michael Svigel (Pre-Tribulationism) Week 2: Alan Kurschner (Pre-Wrath) Week 3: Craig Blomberg (Post-Tribulationism) Week 4: Where the interviewees get to ask one another a question.  

A Quick Response to Craig Blomberg

“The moment Jesus comes back there will never again be the possibility of any person’s conversion, so we really shouldn’t be that eager for the end to come.” —Craig Blomberg I want to comment on Blomberg’s aberrant statement. 1. It is unbiblical. Nowhere in the Bible does it teach Christians not to be “that […]

Part 1 – Why the “Coming” in Matthew 24:36–44 Refers Back to Verses 30–31

This is the first part of six. In my book,  Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord, I have an appendix entitled, “The ‘Big Three’ Proof Texts for Imminence.” The three proof texts I address are James 5:7–9, Titus 2:11–14, and Matthew 24:36. It is the latter proof text that I will split up in […]

Will There Be Degrees of Rewards in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Craig L. Blomberg argues in his article: I do not believe there is a single NT text that, when correctly interpreted, supports the notion that believers will be distinguished one from another for all eternity on the basis of their works as Christians. What is more, I am convinced that when this unfounded doctrine of […]