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Three Views of the Rapture – Pre-Tribulationism (Michael Svigel), Pre-Wrath (Alan Kurschner), and Post-Tribulationism (Craig Blomberg)

We have a lot of new readers on this blog, so I thought it would be helpful to re-post an interview where I represented the pre-wrath position. Michael Svigel represented pre-tribulationism, and Craig Blomberg represented post-tribulationism. There was a final Q&A section. Mike Svigel – Pretribulationism Alan Kurschner – Prewrath Craig Blomberg – Posttribulationism Questions and […]

NOW POSTED: All Three Interviews on Three Rapture Views

The final interview is posted, which is the pretribulational position. I have linked all three interviews below. Next week, there will be a final post where each of the participants were able to ask each other a question. In the near future, I will be responding to Svigel’s answers. His argument depends much on his […]