No Signs but Signs – A Major Inconsistency on Imminency with Pretrib Teachers

Pretribulational eschatology teaches that the rapture is “signless” or “unannounced,” while the second coming will be preceded by signs and thus “announced.” There cannot be any intervening prophetic events or signs that will occur before the rapture. Hence, it can happen at any moment. If just a single, biblical, prophesied event happens before the rapture, […]

The PreWrath Position Compared to Postribulational and Pretribulational Rapture Views

Every month we gain more readers and listeners to Eschatos Ministries, and it is a shame that helpful blog post articles end up crawling into the archive. So every so often I like to blow off the dust from evergreen material and highlight it again. Here is an interview of the three positions, with myself […]

What Does the Pre-Wrath Rapture Position Teach? – Ep. 17 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI described the prewrath position by outlining 15 essential tenets that someone must affirm in order to hold to a prewrath position. They are core minimum beliefs. If someone denies any of these definitional points they cannot be said to be prewrath in a meaningful sense of […]

Do the Seals on the Scroll in the Book of Revelation Express the Day of the Lord’s Wrath? – Ep. 13 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI responded to the very common pretribulational claim that the seals in the book of Revelation express the day of the Lord’s wrath. They argue this namely because it says that Jesus himself opens the seals. I refuted this notion by actually examining the biblical texts in […]

A Reply to Dr. Michael Vlach of The Master’s Seminary and His Misrepresentation of the Prewrath Viewpoint

I expect pop pretrib teachers such as Thomas Ice, Tim Lahaye, and others to misrepresent the prewrath position—they do it all the time, and don’t care. They do it on purpose and we know this because they have been repeatedly corrected in private emails and in public on the Internet. This is why Thomas Ice […]

Do the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation “Represent” the Church? A Reply to Pretribulationism – Ep. 7 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI talked about the issue of the identify of the 24 elders in Revelation 4–5. Pretribulationism argues that the body of twenty-four elders “represent” the church and therefore the rapture will happen before the “tribulation period.” I responded to a couple of their key arguments and showed […]

Correcting a Common Amillennial Objection Against Premillennialism

A  person recently objected to my premillennialism by asserting: The problem (one of them) with premill as I see it, is that the clear NT passages appear to teach unequivocally that when Jesus returns, there is the last judgement and then the final new heavens and the new earth. The problem with this objection is […]