Satan’s Present Activity Does Not Describe Revelation 20:1–3 | Grant Osborne’s Revelation Commentary

  Grant R. Osborne. Revelation. Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002 Osborn’s commentary on Revelation is a helpful commentary to own since he interprets from a premillennial and futurist approach. His Arminianism, however, is evident and ends up skewing some of his interpretations, and his Posttribulationist beliefs are misguided. Despite […]

California Bible Prophecy Conference | Future Israel, Future Millennium

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Correcting a Common Amillennial Objection Against Premillennialism

A  person recently objected to my premillennialism by asserting: The problem (one of them) with premill as I see it, is that the clear NT passages appear to teach unequivocally that when Jesus returns, there is the last judgement and then the final new heavens and the new earth. The problem with this objection is […]