Is Jesus Currently on David’s Throne?

Michael J. Vlach writes: The purpose of this blog post is to examine Peter’s use of Psalm 132:11 in Acts 2:30 with a view toward grasping Peter’s understanding of the throne of David concept. Acts 2 describes the baptizing and filling ministry of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ ascension. This is all related to Jesus, […]

‘7 Reasons Your Church Should Take Eschatology Seriously’ by Vlach

It is concerning that some churches today don’t take eschatology seriously. The very fact that God has revealed so many details about events to come in both testaments tells us that it is important. At the center of biblical eschatology is the blessed hope of the appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ […]

Mike Vlach on the Continuity of Dispensationalism

Michael Vlach has written an excellent outline of the continuity of the Old Testament in the New Testament within Dispensational theology. It is worth the read. There is nothing here that I would disagree with him on in this particular article. I would add, however, that Vlach comes from a modified classical view of dispensationalism, […]

A Reply to Dr. Michael Vlach of The Master’s Seminary and His Misrepresentation of the Prewrath Viewpoint

I expect pop pretrib teachers such as Thomas Ice, Tim Lahaye, and others to misrepresent the prewrath position—they do it all the time, and don’t care. They do it on purpose and we know this because they have been repeatedly corrected in private emails and in public on the Internet. This is why Thomas Ice […]

Lectures on The People, The Land, and the Future of Israel Recently, Chosen People Ministries held a theological conference in New York in order to present a biblical case for the restoration of Israel to the land in a future kingdom.  There were a number of speakers addressing a variety of topics. For instance, Darrell Bock spoke on the future of Israel according to […]

Michael Vlach on Zechariah 8 and the Millennium

If you are like me you have probably not heard many sermons or messages from Zechariah 8. But this chapter gives some beautiful descriptions of God’s coming kingdom when Jesus returns. The chapter begins with God restoring Jerusalem. With “great wrath” and “jealousy” (8:2) the Lord returns to Zion and dwells in Jerusalem (8:3). The […]

Samuel Waldron and John MacArthur on the Millennnial Debate

Jesse Johnson has some helpful comments on: Waldron vs. MacArthur in a Millennial Showdown.