Articles for Posttribulationism to Consider

Prewrath and posttribulationism share some affinities with each other. However, there are some important differences as well, differences that I think many posttribulationists have not considered. Hence, I am providing this list of articles containing issues for posttribulation rapturists to consider from a prewrath perspective.   Seals, Trumpets, Bowls – At the Same Time or […]

What Will Be the Size and Nature of the New Jerusalem?

Janet Willis has written What On Earth Is Heaven Like? A Look at God’s City: New Jerusalem. The book not only includes a compelling insight into the size of the New Jerusalem but other details that are quite significant for its theological message. You can watch the book’s trailer below, but be sure to purchase […]

Michael Vlach on Zechariah 8 and the Millennium

If you are like me you have probably not heard many sermons or messages from Zechariah 8. But this chapter gives some beautiful descriptions of God’s coming kingdom when Jesus returns. The chapter begins with God restoring Jerusalem. With “great wrath” and “jealousy” (8:2) the Lord returns to Zion and dwells in Jerusalem (8:3). The […]