What Will Be the Size and Nature of the New Jerusalem?

Janet Willis has written What On Earth Is Heaven Like? A Look at God’s City: New Jerusalem. The book not only includes a compelling insight into the size of the New Jerusalem but other details that are quite significant for its theological message. You can watch the book’s trailer below, but be sure to purchase […]

Individual Salvation and International Salvation

“The salvation of the coming messianic days thus entailed the inward transformation of the individual, which would result from a promised making of a ‘new covenant’ (see also ‘covenant of peace’ and ‘everlasting covenant,’ Ezek 37:26), through which the people would receive a new heart and spirit in order to live out God’s instructions (Jer […]

VIDEO: The ‘Offense’ of the Election of Israel and their Activity during the Millennium with the Gentile Nations


Audio Available! Future Israel, Future Millennium – Bible Prophecy Conference

The conference this weekend was such as blessing. God was glorified in the proclamation of his promise of  faithfulness to Israel in their future salvation and their future land. God is not a promise-breaker as supersessionism (a.k.a replacement theology) essentially teaches. God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable. Be sure to purchase the conference audio to […]