Audio Available! Future Israel, Future Millennium – Bible Prophecy Conference

The conference this weekend was such as blessing. God was glorified in the proclamation of his promise of  faithfulness to Israel in their future salvation and their future land. God is not a promise-breaker as supersessionism (a.k.a replacement theology) essentially teaches. God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable. Be sure to purchase the conference audio to […]

Michael Brown vs. Don Preston Debate Romans 11:25–27 on Israel and Eschatology


Replacement Theology Believers Have Forgotten Their Roots and Have Become “Arrogant”

[Paul] didn’t want these Gentile believers to forget that God had made room for them to share at the table with their older Jewish brothers and sisters (the Messiah’s own people!). Otherwise they might begin to think that they were now the new Israel and that God was finished with the old Israel. Paul rebuked […]

Walter C. Kaiser Jr. on at Least Three Assertions the Bible Makes on the Relationship of Israel to the Church

Kaiser writes, 1. The church is grafted into the olive tree, which stands for the nation of Israel, and not the other way around, which erroneously has Israel being grated into the roots and the trunk of the church (Ro 9–11). The believing church is grafted into the roots and trunk of the olive tree […]