(VIDEO) Will the Church Face the Antichrist?


Mike Vlach on the Continuity of Dispensationalism

Michael Vlach has written an excellent outline of the continuity of the Old Testament in the New Testament within Dispensational theology. It is worth the read. There is nothing here that I would disagree with him on in this particular article. I would add, however, that Vlach comes from a modified classical view of dispensationalism, […]

Pretrib Obsession with Words, not Meaning…

I would rather spend my time responding to the few scholarly arguments that pretribs adduce. But we all know that pop-surface-level arguments work well on the pretrib masses. They lack a basic understanding of how language works. Even when repeatedly refuted, the Tradition of pretribulationism is so strong that interpretive common sense cannot penetrate naivete. […]

An Easy Refutation to John MacArthur’s Pretrib Rapture Interpretation on the ‘Church’ in the Book of Revelation

Watch the first few minutes of John MacArthur’s sermon on the rapture, then read my article below:   READ THIS: The Word “Church” in the Book of Revelation There are a multiple of other wrong-headed statements that MacArthur makes, but I wanted to highlight this common pretrib mantra about the church in the book of […]

Is the Identity of the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation the “Church”?

Marquis Laughlin asks this question in a facebook post: Hey, can anyone give me a biblical answer to the identity of the 24 elders? I’m dealing with the pre-trib “they have to be the church” thing….I am using the obvious evidence in Revelation but that doesn’t seem to be making a dent here…. Marquis, see […]

Four Reasons Why the “Armies of Heaven” Refers to God’s People at the Battle of Armageddon

This is a sneak preview excerpted from my book The Book of Revelation: A Prewrath Commentary (forthcoming, spring 2014). (11)  Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. (12) His eyes are like a flame […]

More Evidence That We Will Soon Have to Go Underground With House Churches

Last week, I wrote on the Homosexual Gestapo. I said, “I can now see within two years that a Bible-Believing church will not be allowed to meet publicly for worship. Given this, churches may want to begin posturing for home churches and, of course, preparing for persecution.” Sure enough, today, I came across this piece […]

Walter C. Kaiser Jr. on at Least Three Assertions the Bible Makes on the Relationship of Israel to the Church

Kaiser writes, 1. The church is grafted into the olive tree, which stands for the nation of Israel, and not the other way around, which erroneously has Israel being grated into the roots and the trunk of the church (Ro 9–11). The believing church is grafted into the roots and trunk of the olive tree […]