James White Refutes the Cult of Hebrew Israelism | Rawchaa Shayar, King James Onlyism, Deity of Christ, Trinity

“Well, this program won’t be interesting for everyone, but for those who are interested in a dialogue on key issues with a representative of Hebrew Israelism—should fit the bill! A little over an hour with Elder Rawchaa Shayar on the deity of Christ, the Bible, Babylon—lots and lots of things. Best to be sitting down […]

Jesus in Islamic Eschatology, and Articulating the Biblical Gospel to Muslims

James White is an expert on Islam and one of the foremost Christian apologists of our time. Here he explains the theological motivation of Islamic eschatology in the recent ISIS persecutions of Coptic Christians. White also explains why, “so many Christian missionaries around the world are likewise presenting the cross as a wish, rather than […]

Answering Walid Shoebat’s Crusader Roman Catholicism

[Editors note: Some people may have benefited from Shoebat’s material in the past. However, if we (including myself) lose our priority and focus on the gospel, then I may as well pack it up and shut down Eschatos Ministries. Our touchstone for evaluating a prophecy teacher should first be whether they affirm the biblical gospel.] […]

Michael Brown vs. Don Preston Debate Romans 11:25–27 on Israel and Eschatology


Michael Brown Versus Don Preston – Debate on “Future Israel,” June 3

http://donkpreston.com/exciting-announcement-major-internet-debate-coming-up/ (hat tip: Joel Richardson) Don Preston is not your typical preterist. He is a hyper-preterist, believing that the resurrection has already taken place. But the debate is on future Israel: Will there be a future reconstituted Israel or not? James White will be moderator. At first I was concerned that there would not be […]

Speaking Event with James White in New Hyde Park, NY – Jesus is the Only Way

http://www.nhpbc.com/?page_id=1023 American culture is becoming intolerant of universal truth claims and indiscriminately tolerant of all individual views. That puts our culture in direct conflict with Christ who asserted, “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6). James White will provide biblical instruction and practical guidance on how to bring the exclusive […]

James White Comments on Chris Pinto’s Conspiracy Theory on Codex Sinaiticus Being a Forgery

At 27:51, James White, author of The King James Only Controversy on his Dividing Line show comments on Pinto’s conspiracy: http://www.aomin.org/podcasts/20130725.mp3 White comments, here is an excerpt: There is so much stupidity on the Net that what are you suppose to say? That kind of accusation, especially in light of all the other manuscripts that are […]

Does Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 Deny Jesus’ Deity?

I agree with James White’s sound interpretation of this verse in response to the common objection of how can a divine person be ignorant of anything (i.e. if Jesus is really divine, how can he be ignorant of the day and hour when he returns?). White provides a good explanation of the limitations of the […]

What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an

Christian apologist James White has recently published his long-awaited book What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an. White is arguably the most effective Christian apologist on Islam today. If you want to be well informed and confident in engaging Muslims with their own Scriptures, as well as the Bible and the gospel, this […]

Know How Muslims Think To Become a Better Witness


Holding to Biblical Convictions