James White Exposes BRANNON HOWSE’S Little Fundamentalist Kingdom, Including JANET MEFFERD’S Double Standard

(Editors Note: One of my purposes of posting this controversy with Brannon Howse is to demonstrate that his attitude and political position on the Gospel possess HUGE implications for how his pretrib ilk will behave when they are shocked to learn of the reality to when they face the Antichrist. In that future case, it […]

James White Refutes the Slander of James Simpson of American Thinker and Exposes Brannon Howse’s Politicization of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

You can listen to it here: Useful Idiot for Islamism? Or Adorning the Gospel of Christ? A Response to James Simpson and American Thinker   A Little Bit on Eugene Peterson, a Whole Lot on James Simpson   I have also commented on Brannon Howse’s fearmongering anti-Gospel rhetoric here:   The Apostle Paul’s Simple Response […]

James White Documents Fear-Mongering Brannon Howse’s Falsehoods and Deception

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend has a history of slander and misrepresentation. Chris Pinto’s conspiracy show airs on his network. Pinto did a program a few years back slandering me saying that I was promoting Christian homosexuality. I kid you not. What was his reason? I took a class at Harvard Divinity where a professor […]

Brannon Howse Slanders a Godly Leader

I rarely post anything other than eschatologically related material at this website. But I need to make an exception to call out Brannon Howse on his ugly slander against James White, a leading Christian apologist on the front lines of proclaiming the gospel to Muslims. And that is not an overstatement, White travels the world […]

GTY Responds on MacArthur’s “Taking the Mark” Statement

Phil Johnson of Grace To You Ministries has put out a statement on their blog reaffirming John MacArthur’s belief that people can (and will) repent after they will take the mark of the beast. It is disappointing that he still holds this view after almost thirty-five years ago he asserted this. http://www.gty.org/resources/Blog/B131030 I want to […]

How Far Can You Go and Still Be Able to Repent? A Plea to John MacArthur

The question about whether you can take the mark of the beast and still be able to repent later, makes no earthly sense to me. And yet there are pretribulational teachers who think this is a meaningful question. “How far can you go” is in the same vein of the frequent question that youth pastors […]

VIDEO: Exposing More of Pinto’s Sensational Claims

I have posted a blog entry at James White blog citing Evangelical textual scholar Daniel Wallace making some excellent points refuting the sensational and baseless claim that Codex Sinaiticus is a forgery. Wallace is one of the foremost Evangelical textual scholars today defending the trustworthiness of the Bible, for example, debating such liberals as Bart […]

James White Comments on Chris Pinto’s Conspiracy Theory on Codex Sinaiticus Being a Forgery

At 27:51, James White, author of┬áThe King James Only Controversy on his Dividing Line show comments on Pinto’s conspiracy: http://www.aomin.org/podcasts/20130725.mp3 White comments, here is an excerpt: There is so much stupidity on the Net that what are you suppose to say? That kind of accusation, especially in light of all the other manuscripts that are […]

Are the Seven Seals of Revelation’s Scroll the Wrath of God Because Jesus Opens Them Up?

Pretribulationists claim that the seals are part of the day of the Lord’s wrath because it is Jesus who opens them up. In fact, just recently, a prewrather called into Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend Radio program with Jimmy DeYoung as his guest. The prewrath caller explained the biblical distinction between the Antichrist’s great tribulation and […]

You Can Lead Pinto to Paleographic Research But You Cannot Make Him Drink

Chris Pinto writes: “Our old friend Alan Kurschner has posted another article in response to yesterday’s show, after he was exposed as a research-wannabe, who insists on writing about a film that he has not yet seen. Chris replies to his comments, which are strange to say the least. Kurschner has now stated that he […]

Will ALL Children Be Raptured? A Response to John Whitcomb’s Apparent Denial of Original Sin

Brannon Howse on his July 16th radio program had pretribulationist teacher John Whitcomb on his show. Someone called in asking, “What happens to small children in the rapture?” Whitcomb replied with, I think that’s an easy question. Because remember Matthew 18, these little children don’t keep them away from me Jesus said because such is […]