James White Exposes BRANNON HOWSE’S Little Fundamentalist Kingdom, Including JANET MEFFERD’S Double Standard

(Editors Note: One of my purposes of posting this controversy with Brannon Howse is to demonstrate that his attitude and political position on the Gospel possess HUGE implications for how his pretrib ilk will behave when they are shocked to learn of the reality to when they face the Antichrist. In that future case, it will not be Islam, but the Antichrist himself and his system. In short, Brannon Howse and others who share his unbiblical, skewed political understanding of the Gospel will be woefully unprepared to respond properly when the Antichrist arrives with his dangerous temptations and persecutions.)

Brannon Howse is not interested in truth, but controversy. Mr. Howse, the Gospel should not be filtered through the politics of the red, white, and blue. Instead, the Gospel is dipped in the crimson blood of Jesus, which you are polluting with your political agenda. Your fear of Islam undermines the Christian faith that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

Brannon Howse bizarrely has been obsessed with James White the past month (if I am not mistaken there are about 100 Facebook statuses, not to mention his Twitter account, on his page about James White, within a few weeks!). Howse who is guilty of first rank slander against James White has lost all semblance of Christian behavior and thinking. You can begin to hear James White’s sober, biblical, and rational refutation starting at 55:50 below. If you ever had any doubt that Brannon Howse is a troubler of God’s people, you need to listen to this to assure yourself of your doubt. We are living in interesting times. “The love of many will grow cold” (Matt 24:12).

William Lane Craig on Presuppositionalism, More on the White/Howse (Get It?) Controversy



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