Brannon Howse Slanders a Godly Leader

I rarely post anything other than eschatologically related material at this website. But I need to make an exception to call out Brannon Howse on his ugly slander against James White, a leading Christian apologist on the front lines of proclaiming the gospel to Muslims.

And that is not an overstatement, White travels the world and debates Muslim apologists and Imams in their mosques, as well as a host of other cult leaders, atheists, and the list goes on. But his focus in the last ten years has been on Islam. He loves Muslims and desires to see them reject the false religion of Islam and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Enter Brannon Howse. I have responded to Howse in the past on this website relating to his incredibly surface-level and misrepresented treatment of prewrath eschatology, without ever giving the other side a hearing or allowing his audience to hear a meaningful response to his pretribulationism. I have always been happy to make myself available to be on his show. Yet, he arrogantly refuses to learn about the prewrath position. I have corrected him many times on documented facts, but he refuses to be corrected.

Simply put, he relies on incredibly biased guests for his information and does not possess a teachable spirit.

In this same pattern he has recently decided to go after James White based on completely ignorant information that was fed to him. But arrogantly Howse has not checked his facts—and it seems like he does not care to. He has foolishly gone headlong into his slanderous attack.

It’s easy for Brannon Howse to sit back in his cushy Tennessee studio and criticize White. But he could never do what James White does. When was the last time he traveled to a foreign country and debated a Muslim in a mosque, let alone on a regular basis?

Listen here to James White document Brannon Howse’s bigoted slander against him.

Let’s pray for Howse to repent of his ugly slander. It was completely unnecessary and hurts the body of Christ.



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