(VIDEO) The New Christian Zionism

New Christian Zionism h.t. Hays  

(Audio) The New Christian Zionism: History, Future Israel, and Supersessionsim

CLICK HERE and scroll down a bit to Episode 322 Craig Blaising, Darrell Bock, and Gerald McDermott January 10, 2017 Timothy George talks with Gerald McDermott, Darrell Bock, and Craig Blaising about their new book, “The New Christian Zionism”  Craig Blaising is Executive Vice President and Provost of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. Darrell […]

Lectures on The People, The Land, and the Future of Israel

  http://videos.chosenpeople.com/index.php Recently, Chosen People Ministries held a theological conference in New York in order to present a biblical case for the restoration of Israel to the land in a future kingdom.  There were a number of speakers addressing a variety of topics. For instance, Darrell Bock spoke on the future of Israel according to […]

Progressive Dispensationalism, Reconstitution of Ethnic National Israel, and Acts 3:18

God does not break his promises. Let me repeat this: God does not break his promises. Acts 3:18 says, “But the things God foretold long ago through all the prophets—that his Christ would suffer—he has fulfilled in this way.” (Acts 3:18 emphasis mine) Acts 3:18 provides us a crucial hermeneutical principle for interpreting Old Testament […]

A Reply to Jim Hamilton and Other Historic Premillennialists

http://mydigitalseminary.com/3-premillennialists-duke-it-out/ I appreciated Darrel Bock’s response to Jim Hamilton: Bock: Unnecessarily divisive? Does the discussion of adult versus infant baptism apply in the same way? This is a question that risks saying internal discussion needs to be properly ordered and really does not matter. But these internal discussion are worth airing out because they may […]