How to Respond to a ‘Pan-Millennialist’

How many times have you had someone try to deflate a conversation about the Lord’s coming by saying, “Don’t concern yourself with biblical prophecy, because it will all “pan out in the end.” Not only is this a sinful attitude but it is egregiously ignorant of the Bible. Jesus adamantly warned against this sinful attitude. […]

How to Prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming: 4 Views that Militate Against Biblical Readiness – Ep. 65 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI started a series talking about how to prepare for Jesus’ second coming in a biblical fashion. Today I described four views that militate against this readiness. 1. Pretribulationism: The warnings are relegated to “tribulation saints.” We will be raptured out of here so we do not […]

4 Reasons Why the Millennial Debate is Important, i.e. Why Premillennial Theology Matters – Ep. 53 Play in new window | Download | EmbedPremillennialism teaches that at Jesus’ second coming he will deliver the righteous and judge the ungodly. Then the righteous will enter into a period—the millennium—of peace and righteousness where Jesus establishes on earth his physical reign of all nations—including a restored nation of Israel who recognizes him […]

Platitude #5 — “Acts 1:7 Teaches We Should Be Concerned with Evangelism Not the Second Coming”

I am continuing an ongoing series on platitudes, which are frequently uttered intended to deflate enthusiasm to study biblical prophecy, shutting down discussion of God’s Word about our Lord’s coming. Here is the next platitude I want to address. “Acts 1:7 Teaches We Should Be Concerned with Evangelism Not the Second Coming” (6) So when […]

Be Careful of Platitudes on Biblical Prophecy

This past weekend I was in Iowa speaking at a prophecy seminar. We had the most amazing fellowship and teaching time. The people of God were edified and I was humbled by their teachable spirit. One of the most common questions and comments that came up during the seminar was why so many in the […]

“What Only Matters is that Jesus IS Returning!”

This mantra sounds nice and pious, but it is certainly not biblical reality. What is implied in this slogan is all these other “side” issues regarding the timing of the rapture, great tribulation, Antichrist were not concerns for the biblical writers. It may come as a surprise to many to learn that the biblical writers […]

An Ex-PanTribber

Chile says: I appreciate what you are doing, Alan. I used to be a “Pan-Tribber,” until I kept running into the fact that pre-trib was only a 150 year old view that was popularized a hundred years ago by a footnote in the Scolefield Reference Bible and propagated by Westerners. If pre-trib is wrong, then […]

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