How to Prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming: 4 Views that Militate Against Biblical Readiness – Ep. 65

itunes cover art biblical program 3000I started a series talking about how to prepare for Jesus’ second coming in a biblical fashion. Today I described four views that militate against this readiness.

1. Pretribulationism: The warnings are relegated to “tribulation saints.” We will be raptured out of here so we do not have to concern ourselves with Jesus’ warnings.

2. Preterism: The warnings were only applicable to the church in the first century. No need to concern ourselves with them now or in the future.

3. Historicism: The events are not referring to concrete circumstances in the future, so they only apply generally. They have no discernible features.

4. Pan-millennialism: We cannot know what will happen so don’t concern yourselves with biblical prophecy. Focus on “more important” issues.


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