An Ex-PanTribber

Chile says:

I appreciate what you are doing, Alan.

I used to be a “Pan-Tribber,” until I kept running into the fact that pre-trib was only a 150 year old view that was popularized a hundred years ago by a footnote in the Scolefield Reference Bible and propagated by Westerners.

If pre-trib is wrong, then the ramifications of teaching people they won’t go through the tribulation is very serious! Then, of course, there’s all the Scriptural warnings, what to look for and how to endure that would be unnecessary for us, so why even bother studying them?

I do not find any view airtight, but Pre-wrath makes the most sense to me and seems to “force” passages less than the other views. But my opinion is a humble one because serious study of this subject requires actually studying it and not just learning it from another preacher, the way most people learn it.


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