A New Prewrath Pamphlet Published! – Expectant Not Imminent — The Return of Jesus

This pamphlet is long over due! I am pleased to announce the most recent publication of this pamphlet in the Prewrath Pamphlet Series™. How many times have we heard, “Jesus may come at any moment.” Imminence is the holy grail of pretribulationism; however, on closer examination it is based on a tradition, not Scripture. In addition, […]

A New Pre-Wrath Pamphlet Published!

The new pamphlet is entitled: The Celestial Disturbances – Harbinger to the Day of the Lord The store has added the sixth pamphlet published in The Prewrath Pamphlet Series™ One of the most effective—and simple!—ways to introduce people to the prewrath position is showing them how the celestial disturbance event is traced throughout Scripture and […]

Give Prewrath Pamphlets to Your Pretrib Friends!

After already several printings of thousands of pamphlets, I am very encouraged this year to witness the interest in the pamphlet format in teaching believers the prewrath position. The vast majority of people will not read a book on prewrath, but they will read a pamphlet. Purchase them to give out to your pretrib family […]

A New Pamphlet! “I Am A Pan-Millennialist”

  To purchase, click here.  

New Prewrath Pamphlet Available! Jesus and Paul Teach the Same Second Coming

Click here and scroll down to purchase it. This pamphlet is ideal for a bible study on the parallels between Jesus and Paul’s teaching on the second coming. In addition, the vast majority of preterists and pretribulationists deny that Jesus and Paul are teaching on the same subject. But the the overwhelming parallels between their […]

New Pamphlet Available – The Early Church Teaching on the Relationship Between the Church and Antichrist

  This is the latest publication in the Prewrath Pamphlet Series™. You can order it here. This pamphlet complements the previous one that was on the Didache, by expanding the early church testimony up to A.D. 250, which taught that the church would encounter the Antichrist before the return of Christ. I provide statements of […]

Didache Pamphlet Available! The Dida-What? The Earliest Church’s Teaching on the Antichrist

  This is the latest publication in the Prewrath Pamphlet Series. You can order it here. I have heard the objection to the prewrath position that it is a new interpretation. I gladly accept this charge that the prewrath position is new, but only in the sense that the label “prewrath” is new; and that […]

Now Available! A Prewrath Pamphlet — Prewrath: What Is It?

  This is a five page glossy pamphlet (3 3/4 x 8 1/2) that gives a summary explanation of what prewrath teaches. It is ideal for the church foyer, giving them out to friends, and even airdropping them over the next annual pretrib conference! Many people may not pick up a book on prewrath right […]