Didache Pamphlet Available! The Dida-What? The Earliest Church’s Teaching on the Antichrist


This is the latest publication in the Prewrath Pamphlet Series. You can order it here.

I have heard the objection to the prewrath position that it is a new interpretation. I gladly accept this charge that the prewrath position is new, but only in the sense that the label “prewrath” is new; and that it is a refinement of our understanding of the day of the Lord and the rapture issue. I do not believe that the Holy Spirit has ceased teaching the church the riches of the Word in better understandings and refinements of biblical truths.

The essence of prewrath teaching reaches back to the early church period, even finding testimony in the first century of what many scholars consider the very first Christian document outside of the New Testament. This document is called the Didache, “The Teaching” (a.k.a. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles), pronounced DID-ah-kay. By the essence of the prewrath position, I mean specifically that the church will encounter the persecution of the Antichrist before the coming of Christ to rescue his people and resurrect the dead in Christ.

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