A Very Brief History of the “Secret Rapture” Pretribulation Theory – Ep. 64

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebiblicalprophecyprogram/A_Very_Brief_History_of_the_Secret_Rapture_Pretribulation_Theory_-_Ep._64.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedOn the program, I discussed a couple of issues. First, I talked about the pretrib theological expression “secret rapture.” I explained what that means in pretrib parlance and why it is an unbiblical concept. By “secret,” pretribulationists are referring to Jesus’ purported unperceived snatching of saints at […]

Strange Trib

There is a bit of irony that John MacArthur (who I respect) is an adamant cessationist, because MacArthur is a staunch pretribulationist, the very view that, it is argued, finds its origins in the utterances of charismatic-visionary Margaret MacDonald or possibly the charismatic Edward Irving (early 19th century). Accordingly, it has been argued that one […]

A New Prewrath Pamphlet Published! – Expectant Not Imminent — The Return of Jesus

This pamphlet is long over due! I am pleased to announce the most recent publication of this pamphlet in the Prewrath Pamphlet Series™. How many times have we heard, “Jesus may come at any moment.” Imminence is the holy grail of pretribulationism; however, on closer examination it is based on a tradition, not Scripture. In addition, […]