Jan Markell, Eric Barger, and Billy Crone Play VICTIMS to Keep their Pretrib Rapture Adherents Corralled

Jan Markell and Eric Barger want you to feel sorry for them and thereby believe the pretrib view (she claims that we are “persecuting” her and that it is “not a stretch of that word”). That sums up their recent program in defensively responding to the prewrath position along with their guest pretribber Billy Crone. […]

On David Chilton’s Preterist-Postmillennial Commentary on the Book of Revelation, Days of Vengeance

Preterists commonly accuse (mock) futurist commentaries on the book of Revelation for sensational interpretations. Admittedly, there are more than a few popular pretrib commentaries on Revelation that rightly are “way out there.” However, David Chilton’s postmillennial and preterist commentary on Revelation rivals the most kooky and far-fetched interpretations on the book of Revelation: The Days […]

A Very Brief History of the “Secret Rapture” Pretribulation Theory – Ep. 64

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebiblicalprophecyprogram/A_Very_Brief_History_of_the_Secret_Rapture_Pretribulation_Theory_-_Ep._64.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedOn the program, I discussed a couple of issues. First, I talked about the pretrib theological expression “secret rapture.” I explained what that means in pretrib parlance and why it is an unbiblical concept. By “secret,” pretribulationists are referring to Jesus’ purported unperceived snatching of saints at […]

Barbara Rossing’s “Ideology Exposed”

Increasingly, futurists/premillennialists are seen as a “dangerous” and “extreme” fringe, namely, because we are caricatured as not caring about the here and now (i.e. the environment, social justice, etc.). Our foes often invoke Tim LaHaye and his Left Behind series as emblematic for conservative, evangelical, futurism in their derision for us. To be sure, I […]

“First of the ‘Left Behind’ series about to get an expensive remake”

Remember those kookie Left Behind books and movies depicting millions of believers vanishing and leaving the world wondering where they went? Through and through it is really, really flawed theology. But it gets worse. Its producer, Cloud Ten Pictures, a Christian film company in Ontario, plans on dumping about $15 million into this pablum “Christian” film […]

A Groundswell for the Prewrath Rapture Position

“I doubt [Marvin Rosenthal] will live long enough to find Pre-Wrath rapture the recognized position…after the first blush of fadism passes, it will likely be forgotten.” —Tim LaHaye, 1998, Rapture Under Attack, p 102 Thirteen years ago Tim LaHaye made that prediction—which dismally failed to come to fruition. The prewrath position continues to have a […]