On David Chilton’s Preterist-Postmillennial Commentary on the Book of Revelation, Days of Vengeance

Preterists commonly accuse (mock) futurist commentaries on the book of Revelation for sensational interpretations. Admittedly, there are more than a few popular pretrib commentaries on Revelation that rightly are “way out there.” However, David Chilton’s postmillennial and preterist commentary on Revelation rivals the most kooky and far-fetched interpretations on the book of Revelation: The Days […]

Preterism’s Literalistic Interpretation of Jesus is Coming “Soon” (En Tachei)

“The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon [en tachei] take place.” (Rev 1:1) Gary DeMar and other preterist interpreters inveigh against futurists for being “literalistic” in their interpretations. Yet, I actually find many of their interpretations literalistic, as in this case, interpreting “soon” […]