“First of the ‘Left Behind’ series about to get an expensive remake”

Remember those kookie Left Behind books and movies depicting millions of believers vanishing and leaving the world wondering where they went? Through and through it is really, really flawed theology.

But it gets worse. Its producer, Cloud Ten Pictures, a Christian film company in Ontario, plans on dumping about $15 million into this pablum “Christian” film for a remake of just the first of the series!

The goal is to reach a much wider audience having it shown in major movie theaters across the country. I have been told that the Pope (apparently he gets converted) and all children (whatever happened to original sin?) get raptured in this new version!

Pray that God restrains this false teaching which is confusing and deceiving many believers in the church about the second coming.

For more information click here.

(h.t. Tom Klein)



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