Is Chuck Missler of the Koinonia Institute Moving Away from the Pretrib Interpretation?

A friend sent me a quote from this week’s K-House Weekly eNews newsletter dated December 8, 2014, titled, “Rethinking the Blood Moon Coincidences.” It is written by William P. Welty under the auspices of Chuck Missler. FIRST, Welty refutes the Mark Biltz’s eclipse moon theory by a single grammatical point: As a Hebrew and Greek […]

Four Reasons the Biblical Celestial Disturbance Event Supports the Pre-Wrath Rapture – Ep. 2 Play in new window | Download | EmbedIn episode 2, I traced four key biblical accounts of the celestial disturbance events in Joel 2:30-31, Matthew 24:29,  Luke 21:25–28, and the sixth seal in Rev 6:12–17. I explained the consistency between Joel, Jesus, and the book of Revelation. The celestial disturbance event demonstrates the biblical […]

A New Pre-Wrath Pamphlet Published!

The new pamphlet is entitled: The Celestial Disturbances – Harbinger to the Day of the Lord The store has added the sixth pamphlet published in The Prewrath Pamphlet Series™ One of the most effective—and simple!—ways to introduce people to the prewrath position is showing them how the celestial disturbance event is traced throughout Scripture and […]