Interviewed by Michael Brown on The Line of Fire – Prewrath and Posttrib

Dr. Michael Brown had me on The Line of Fire today to discuss prewrath and post-trib (It starts at 31 minutes into the program). I want to thank Dr. Brown, who is a post-tribber, for his willingness to seek to understand prewrath eschatology.

I knew that I would have a very short time—about 20 minutes including commercial breaks!—so I had to talk fast to get in a good summary of what prewrath teaches. Brown challenged me on a couple of matters from his post-trib viewpoint, which I answered. But I was hoping for more time to interact with his post-tribulationism, but time ran out. However, he may have me on his show again in the future.

I want to list here a selection of articles I have written in response to posttribulationism in the hopes that Brown and other posttribbers will consider.



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