Gary DeMar Fails Miserably in His Debate Defending Replacement Theology (aka Supersessionism)

I just listened to the debate between Michael Brown and Gary DeMar on whether the church has replaced Israel. This was one doozy of a lopsided debate. You can download it for free here. Gary DeMar is stuck in 1970 when the The Late, Great Planet Earth was published by Hal Lindsey. I have noticed […]

A Refutation of Preterism’s Kenneth Gentry’s Early Neronic Dating of the Book of Revelation

Notwithstanding Mark Hitchcock’s pretribulationism, his Ph.D dissertation is a refutation of the early dating of the Book of Revelation argued by preterists. You can download it here for free:  

DeMar — An Eschatological Holocaust Denier

Gary DeMar wrote this piece today. He criticizes futurists for teaching that God has ordained an eschatological Jewish holocaust just before the return of Christ. One thing that prewrathers and prettribbers have in common is both agree Israel’s worst judgment is still in the future. However, prewrathers do not believe the rapture happens before this […]

Part 2 – Response to Preterist Gary DeMar

I continue my response to Gary DeMar and his blog post. The title of his article reads, “You’re Not Getting Raptured Out of Here. Deal With It.” I can actually affirm this title, but for an opposite reason that DeMar does. What DeMar means by this is he does not even believe the Bible teaches […]

Part 1 – Response to Preterist Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar, who is a preterist advocate from the American Vision worldview ministry, posted today this surface-level critique of the prewrath position. Actually, it was not so much a critique of the prewrath position as it was more a drive-by rambling against futurism. Gary DeMar is not a scholar, he is a popularizer, but that […]