Keith Mathison’s Preterist Hermeneutic and Flawed Presuppositions

I have always believed that hyper-preterism (which is heresy because they deny the future resurrection) is more consistent than partial-preterism, albeit they are consistently wrong. (It goes without saying that I believe futurism is the only feasible, consistent interpretation of Jesus, Paul, and the book of Revelation.) It is not surprising to see a hyper-preterist […]

Part 1 – Response to Preterist Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar, who is a preterist advocate from the American Vision worldview ministry, posted today this surface-level critique of the prewrath position. Actually, it was not so much a critique of the prewrath position as it was more a drive-by rambling against futurism. Gary DeMar is not a scholar, he is a popularizer, but that […]