An Apt Reply to Those Who Think the Olivet Discourse is “Jewish” and Therefore Not Instruction for the Church

In the 19th century, S. P. Tregelles wrote the best book responding to the first generation of pretribulationism, The Hope of Christ’s Second Coming. It is filled with nuggets and is required reading for any prewrather. He had a lot to say to the pretrib notion that the Olivet Discourse was not instruction for the […]

Keith Mathison’s Preterist Hermeneutic and Flawed Presuppositions

I have always believed that hyper-preterism (which is heresy because they deny the future resurrection) is more consistent than partial-preterism, albeit they are consistently wrong. (It goes without saying that I believe futurism is the only feasible, consistent interpretation of Jesus, Paul, and the book of Revelation.) It is not surprising to see a hyper-preterist […]