“For the Coming Man” – Hitler’s Last Words

These were the last words of Hitler conceding the defeat of Germany just before he committed suicide. He told his personal aide  “…to break up and scatter to the West.” To which his aid replied, “For whom should we fight now?” Hitler, in a monotone voice, said, “For the coming man.” Or according to Erich Kuby who interviewed Hitler’s valet Heinz Linge, Hitler said, “Für den Mann der kommt nach mir” (“For the man who comes after me”).

Are Hitler’s last words Satanically prophetic? They very well may be, in the sense that Satan knows the Bible’s prophecies about the eschatological Antichrist.

We know that Satan from the time of Egypt and in the past three thousand plus years of Israel-Jewish history, he has been attempting to exterminate Jews. It is very possible that Satan has directly possessed the leader of each of the nations throughout history that has tried to exterminate God’s chosen people. A plausible scenario for Nazi Germany is that Satan possessed Hitler, again trying to exterminate the Jews, as Satan tried to fill the role of Antichrist in the person of Hitler. But once again—in a long series of attempts throughout the centuries—Satan was thwarted in his plan to exterminate all Jews. Thus, in the last days of Hitler, Satan realized that Hitler would not be that final Antichrist as portrayed in the Bible, prompting Satan to look ahead to another man he will possess, thus having Hitler say, “For the coming man.”

Hitler was a type of Antichrist, just as many before him were. But Hitler was not the Antichrist—the final Antichrist.



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