A couple quick updates…

This weekend is the Florida Bible Prophecy conference. I am looking forward to giving four talks on why the Bible does not teach that Jesus can return “at any moment.” I also answer the question what the Bible does teach on what our biblical posture should be in watching for the Lord’s second coming.

Second, since it has been a very busy week I was not able to get out an episode of The Biblical Prophecy Program. In the next week I am finishing my fourth and final comprehensive PhD exam. It was a four month ordeal of a series of exams—not to mention the past four months I have been experiencing the first four months of my son’s birth! So it has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least with the exigencies of life. And given the last few extremely busy months there has been a bit of a delay on the imminence book. But my aim is to get this book out—finally—this summer!

Thanks for your patience.



Alan Kurschner


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