Mid-Tribulationism Is Slightly Modified Pre-Tribulationism

Often you will hear the misinformed statement that “pre-wrath is mid-trib” or the like. Without exception it is couched in an assertion and never actually substantiated.

Prewrath does not share anything with mid-tribulationism, except of course that the Church will not face God’s wrath—but that can be said of any rapture view.

Mid-tribulationism is actually a variant of pretribulationism. Norman B. Harrison’s 1941 book The End: Rethinking the Revelation is the classic book on mid-tribulationism (see also Gleason L. Archer Jr.’s works).

Mid-trib and pre-trib share the following basic beliefs with each other:

  1. They both affirm imminence (despite the fact that mid-trib places the rapture at the midpoint of the seven-year period.)
  2. They both affirm that the Great Tribulation is God’s wrath.
  3. They both affirm a two-stage return of Jesus, where the rapture is disconnected from the second coming.

In short, mid-tribulationism is slightly modified pretribulationism.


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