Now we can throw ‘Christian UFOism’ into the mix

We are truly living in the dark ages of biblical prophecy—anything to avoid sober exegesis of the Word of God.

We have pretribulationism that thinks they are going to escape the hands of the Antichrist by being raptured before the Antichrist’s arrival.

We have preterism that thinks the Antichrist has already come and gone.

We have historicism that is incapable of discerning a literal, future Antichrist figure who will unleash concrete persecution upon God’s people.

We have pan-tribulationism that thinks they can bury their pollyannaish heads in the sand and pretend its all going to be just fine.

Now we can throw UFOism into the confused mix that filters Bible prophecy through certain UFO Christian-tinged theories with inordinate devotion.

It is no wonder that Jesus, Paul, and the book of Revelation prophesies and warns that so many will be duped and confused about biblical prophecy.



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