What Is the Best Argument for Premillennialism?

I am finishing my PhD this coming year, finally. My dissertation is on a linguistic analysis of the cohesion between Revelation 19–20. Without exception, amillennialists break the unified discourse at Revelation 20:1, being influenced by the chapter break. They retroject the binding of Satan by lifting this event from its immediate context back to the first coming of Christ. The problem with this is that the context shows us that the binding of Satan will be caused by the eschatological battle of Christ in the future as depicted in Revelation 19.

If you want a non-technical, slim-down version of this argument, which I believe is the best argument for Premillennialism, I delivered a lecture in Session 1 at a conference. You can find this audio as well as other presentations from the conference here:

Future Israel, Future Millennium — Bible Prophecy Conference



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